Employers and Health Care Reform

How are the mass employers going to handle the adoption of this new health care reform into the everyday life of their business and with their employees? Today, many employers across the American landscape are holding on to what they currently have and are performing their daily activities with a no growth attitude. This does not help the economy on the grand scale, but adding thousands of dollars into the health care rolls is no easy task.Some employers and small business entrepreneurs are refusing to hire new employees because they are terrified like the rest of America with the new pending health care, laws, rules, regulations, and additional taxes that are hanging over their heads for the coming years. Where does this leave all those individuals who are currently searching for employment?Put yourself in the place of any one of your local shopkeepers and think about how you would be willing to handle this situation. Individuals and families throughout the country are terrified at the looming health care reform bill that is slowly beginning to take hold of the country. This alone will cripple the entire country and drag it down even further.The health care industry is gearing up for the initial onslaught of new subscribers trying to find the cheapest medical insurance policy there is just so they can report to the Internal Revenue Services that they have a legitimate medical policy.The irritating factor in all of this is on the part of the Internal Revenue Service. They now have the right to request all of your medical care information and they will decide if the health insurance policy you have chosen meets the daily requirements of your personal needs. Should there be a discrepancy, they will order you to purchase the affordable health insurance policy that they believe is beneficial to your needs.What will you do when this happens and you are unable to afford the medical carepolicy they told you to acquire? Remember, the Internal Revenue Services does not care what you will have to do to come up with the money to pay the average monthly cost for health insurance under their mandate.Will you be mandated to take on a second employment position, told to achieve the level of a better paying position? Will you find it necessary to try to put your home on the market in order to make the necessary payments for your new mandated health insurance policy that is basically worthless to you?

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